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D'ashfield Confessions

For all you pretty emo fiends...

D'ashfield Confessional
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Le college d'ashfield.
Hellogoodbye please depart. This website was created for your enjoyment, any problems please complain to Ra. That girl is a good listener...

Everyone agrees that illiterate people are retards and won't be accepted :op fix up, look sharp and all that jazz.

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Ok, here's the deal you ashfieldians.

You gotta fill in this here form before you can join... So post this application, and if it's given approval by Ra Pie Fiend, Le Louise Weeze and Em to the Ily, then you can join...




Marshmallows or chewits?

Top 5 bands or thereabouts?

Love or hate: Jews
Fattie Bum Batties
The Beatles
Simon Armitage

How many Biffy Clyro gigs have you been to? This is vital I'm afraid.

Is Ra a goth, yes or no?

Does Le Louise Weeze have dykey hair?

On a scale of one to ten, how emo is Emily?

Can Shel be called a fully fledged "chav"?


Phototototos posted shortly :oD xxx

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Rock around the clock

Rob + Ra, Ben Kweller...
Emmie, Ben Kweller...
Le Louise Weeze, Simon (?) out of Biffy Clyro...